Small groups

 Sunday School Classes Heritage Hall Building & Sanctuary Building

Bring the Love - Chris Fredrick, Teacher -  Approximate ages 50-80's;  Parlor (9:30 am)
The Joyous Journey - Larry Schmidt, Teacher - Approximate ages 50+; Topical Bible Study, Heritage Hall (9:30 am)
Wesley Fellowship Class - Linda Davis, Teacher - Approximate age 60+, Topical Bible Study, Heritage Building - Wesley Fellowship Room (9:45 am)
Covenant - Nancy & John Adkins, Teachers - Approximate age 65+, Adult Bible Series  
Heritage Building - Covenant Room (9:45 am)
Bible Study Group - Crys Freels, Facilitator - Conference Room in the Sanctuary Building near the office

10:45 Sunday School Classes Family Life Center

New Life Class - Carol Harkness, Teacher - Approximate age 40-65, Study Current Events & the Bible, FLC West Room 107
Fountain Class - Katie Williams, Teacher - Approximate age 30-50, Topical Studies,  Youth Wing-Fountain Classroom

Men's Groups

Men's Bible Study - 6:30 pm for Study, Prayer, Fellowship and Community, Parlor
Tuesday Morning Prayer Group -  Dairy Queen at 7 am
Methodist Men - 3rd Sunday of the month, 5:00 pm in Fellowship Hall.  Prayer, Fellowship and Mission Projects

Women's Groups

Ladies Monday Morning Bible Study - 10 am for Study, Prayer, Fellowship and Community. 
Studying the Gospel of Mark
First Methodist Women's Ministry - 3rd Sunday of the Month for Fellowship, Growth, Mission Projects meeting in the Children's Gathering Area, Family Life Center.
Game Day will not be meeting during the summer months.  

Pastor's Bible Study

Pastor Bryan will be leading a study of 1 Corinthians starting September 10th at 4 pm in Heritage Hall.  You may be new to the Bible or have studied it for years.  There is room for everyone to learn together!
Come share in God's Word with us!

Wheels of Hope

This is a group of people gathering to share their love of camping and Christian Companionship.  Trips are planned at various times of the year.  All are welcome to join in.  Organizers are Harold and Grace Callaway.  903-539-4723 for more information.