Small groups

 Sunday School Classes Heritage Hall Building & Sanctuary Building

Bring the Love - Chris Fredrick, Teacher -  Approximate ages 50-80's;  Parlor (9:30 am)
Seeds and Matches - All ages, Bible Study beginning Galatians this April,  Conference Room, (9:40 am)
Wesley Fellowship Class - Linda Davis, Teacher - Approximate age 60+, Topical Bible Study, Heritage Building - Wesley Fellowship Room (9:45 am)
Covenant - Nancy & John Adkins, Teachers - Approximate age 65+, Adult Bible Series  
Heritage Building - Covenant Room (9:45 am)

10:45 Sunday School Classes Family Life Center

New Life Class - Carol Harkness, Teacher - Approximate age 40-65, Study Current Events & the Bible, FLC West Room 107
Fountain Class - Clay Wagner, Teacher - Approximate age 30-50, Topical Studies,  Youth Wing-Fountain Classroom

Men's Groups

Men's Bible Study - 6:30 pm for Study, Prayer, Fellowship and Community, Parlor
Tuesday Morning Prayer Group -  Dairy Queen at 7 am
Methodist Men - 3rd Sunday of the month, 5:00 pm in Fellowship Hall.  Prayer, Fellowship and Mission Projects

Women's Groups

Ladies Monday Morning Bible Study - 10 am for Study, Prayer, Fellowship and Community. 
Studying the  book of Hebrews beginning January 8th.
First Methodist Women's Ministry - 3rd Sunday of the Month for Fellowship, Growth, Mission Projects meeting in the Children's Gathering Area, Family Life Center.

Pastor's Bible Study

Pastor Bryan will be leading a study on the books of Ruth and Esther beginning April 7 at 4 pm in Wesley Fellowship Classroom in Heritage Hall.  .  You may be new to the Bible or have studied it for years.  There is room for everyone to learn together!
Come share in God's Word with us!